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Customization of Uniforms and Apparel

The most common customization on uniforms is seen on sports team uniforms. Most companies that sell brand name items, like Nike Football Kits, for example, will also offer customization. Team names, logos, sponsors, crests, and numbers are placed on Nike Teamwear, as well as other brand name items that are sold by companies. What often sets companies apart is the level and options of customization that are offered, as well as any additional services provided, such as designing of logos or assistance with creating badges or emblems.

Some companies will only offer customization on items they sell, while others will provide services for all items, whether they were purchased from them or not. Pricing on customization for items sold by the company is usually cheaper because of the increase in business. design services, for example, may be free if a certain number of items are purchased. That means it would be cheaper to have Discount Nike Football Kits embroidered than to have football kits embroidered that were purchased from another company. Finding a company that can provide a wide variety of apparel, and offers customization will save teams time and money.


Aside from sports teams, there are many other teams, businesses, and organizations that require, or desire, customization. Uniforms for food service workers, repair technicians, and medical professionals, for example, usually have at least the company or facility name on them for identification purposes. A company with customized work wear presents a professional and organized first impression to customers, business partners, visitors, and perspective clients. It is also a way to safely identify personnel to customers when the workforce is mobile, or provides services at private homes. Repair companies, package delivery services, visiting home health care workers, and public works employees are easily noticed by people as they are approaching a private residence, or a business.

Companies and non-profit organizations often use customization on t-shirts, jackets, or hats for events or to acknowledge service of volunteers. Companies that provide days of community service, host community events, or support local causes will often wear matching shirts or jackets to events to indicate involvement. It is a way to encourage employee participation, and to attract the attention of media coverage for specific community events. It also raises public awareness of the needs. Customization can be done is a few different ways. Embroidery can be done traditionally, or with Rapid Renew technology that makes the process faster. Printing techniques include vinyl printing and screen printing. A variety of colors and fonts are available to suit the needs and style preferences of companies, organizations, clubs, and teams.